My informal and (not so) humourus praise of the Chevening programme


There are (at least) three reasons why the army is better than postgraduate education:

  1. Regular meals: three warm meals per day in the army, vs. large volume of coffee and/or beer, and the occasional burger while studying for a masters degree;
  2. Regular sleep: the beds might not be the best in the barracks, but at least you can sleep. Library reading, writing, editing, and proofreading equals sleepless nights;
  3. Regular exercise: it might be repetitive to run in circles or do pushups, but it is better for posture and general health when compared to crouching over a monitor.

If you still think that postgraduate education is worth it, apply for a Chevening funded programme at a university in the UK. The universities in the UK are among the best in the world.